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This customer asked for a refund outside of the 30-day refund policy and we did not issue a refund because this is made clear for all customers.
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Update by user Dec 27, 2016

We asked for the refund within about one week of getting the program, we found it impossible to understand. Since then, I have tried to comply with all of your requests, but with great difficulty, and you have largely ignored my many requests.

Update by user Dec 27, 2016

We asked for a refund with about one week of getting the program, but we were asked for p

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2016

We have tried, since August this year (2016), to obtain a refund. I bought this course for my wife who has been in food service for many years and wanted to start a consulting business.

When we opened the course, we found it was way too difficult for her to use, given her limited computer experience. Still, the response was we had to complete the first 3 weeks to get the refund. Although that did not make any sense for someone with limited computer skills, I took it upon myself to go through the first 3 weeks as if I were my wife. When I explained I had completed the first three weeks, I was told to send in my "homework" for review.

At that time, Dell Computer was "helping" me with a new computer I was using and managed to delete all of my files, making it impossible to send in my files. I explained that, but all I received was a "canned" response that they had to have the files to issue a refund. Around that time, my wife had a stroke and ended up in the hospital and a rehab center for a couple of months. Again, I explained to Sam Ovens's staff our situation, and again I simply received a canned response to send in the files.

When I pointed out their insensitivity, they did say they were sorry about what had happened to my wife, but they could not issue a refund without the files. Despite my better judgment, I did once more go through the first 3 weeks of the program and taking notes, and sent it all in. And received no more response. I followed up every couple of weeks for a month or two, but nothing.

Those who claim this is a scam are probably right. Vegard

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of worst customer service and impossible to contact. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss return, exchange or cancellation policy of sam ovens program and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1197. Sam Ovens needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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