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This customer asked for a refund and we refunded them within 72hrs from receipt of their email which is within our stated timeframe. It's unfortunate that the customer posted this message before allowing us a full 72hrs. This issue is now resolved the customer is fully satisfied.

When sending in a generic email to Sam Ovens' Customer Support asking for assistance, I get a response within hours. However, once I send in a refund request - with all of my work shown, and within the 30 day policy - they still have not gotten back to me after days have gone by and I have sent in several emails from different addresses to ensure that they did not say they never received it. Worst of all, since they have delayed in getting back to me, I have been charged an additional $597 for the second month's payment before even receiving a response to my refund request email!!

This is unacceptable for a company who claims that they guarantee customer satisfaction or their money back.

I have respectfully spoken to Ryan, Jad, Megan and Kirsty from their "Live Support" and all have been just as useless as the next - telling me to please patiently wait and rest assured that this will be solved. Megan actually acknowledged that their support staff received my email and they still have not responded. I have the conversations saved to my email. I understand that giving refunds is the last thing a company wants to do, but if a customer follows the program and requests a refund within the terms and conditions stated by Sam in the video and in his writing at, Ovens Enterprises should honor their own policy.

I really did not want to write another poor review for Ovens Enterprises as there are enough out there already but this is extremely frustrating to me. I have already notified my bank and would really appreciate if this issue gets resolved. Please have some consideration Sam. I'm not asking for the $100 check for "wasted time" I would just like to have the 2 month's payments refunded and this case resolved. Please.

Review about: Sam Ovens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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