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This customer asked for a refund and it took our customer support team far to long to respond and refund the payment. This is our fault and we take full responsibility for it. We have a small customer support team and the Christmas holidays hit us hard in terms of overload and delayed response times. We got to this customers ticket eventually and refunded it in full as well as apologized and gave a gift to try and make up for the poor experience. We will do our best to ensure this doesn't happen again.
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Summary: On December 22nd, 2016, I had stumbled upon Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator rather misinformative webinar. I had purchased the product, and a few hours later -- due to an urgent family matter -- I requested a refund, but to no avail.

No response for 8 days. With extreme forgiveness, I followed up with another E-mail, providing my phone number twice; another 8 days go by and no response. Due to this unnecessary experience, despite my patience, I'm filing a complaint to the BBB. Before I go on, let me say who this program is NOT going to go very well for, despite what you'll be told: 1.

People who are not Digital Marketers or Web Designers. Though it CAN be applicable in other areas of expertise, Sam Ovens specializes in Digital Marketing, and therefore you have a program on Consulting crafted by an individual specialized in Digital Marketing, who's going to base what they present off of what they do (Digital Marketing)! 2. People with "Burning Boat" (or 'do or die/all or nothing') syndrome.

Don't go into this if $2,000 is all you have, or it WILL impede your progress required to go through with the program. PLEASE have some financial comfort and research exactly what you're getting for your investments. If you don't act fast, you're not getting your money back. 3.

If your knowledge, advisory & support doesn't provide the returns equal to, or worth more than $2,000 dollars. Proceeding... In the 16 days I've completed the worksheets, as well as reached out to folks in the FB group, my issue has received 0 acknowledgement. I've kept matters private in the group, as *you cannot publicly address anything that may be perceived as negativity, or any form of complaining*.

This leaves people with urgent issues isolated! You are instead asked to keep these matters to a mostly inattentive support E-mail, which is virtually your ONLY means to truly communicating with another human being... ... unless the program is working out for you.

Then you just get the help you need on the Facebook group, since you have nothing to complain about. By this point, if you're still reading, you might be asking yourself: "Why all this trouble for a refund?? Why all the negative reviews" Why it's simple! Refer to the 3 images I've uploaded to accompany the review.

Now, if you've purchased the program already and have finished at least Week 2, you've read Sam Ovens' sales script (great script). In the sales script video, he addresses multiple times just how powerful it is... ... and he's right.

It's extremely powerful... and he wrote it... and he applied the techniques on YOU before you purchased his product. Hey!

Don't hate the player, hate the game, right? It's completely fine, because he shows you how to do it too! To effectively use what is essentially NLP (or Neuro Linguistic Programming) -- to invoke 'self-inflicted pain' within your prospect, making them feel like they can't do it without your help & ultimately minimize objections and close deals. Not so bad...

IF we assume you can get your client the returns! Let that be a warning to all interested in his product. This program is about getting clients, and closing deals with those clients. If you bought the program, he got you and he closed you as well.

He played with your emotions. As long as you're informed before buying, no harm done! But let the reviews here tell you what results of the practice with a lack of transparency. I'm not judging, as this program has its' value!

However, it misses a component which all the best salesmen have, that WITH solving problems, keeps you coming back and builds legacy... #1: Truly giving a *** about every single person that eyes you or your business, ESPECIALLY those you close. You don't TRULY learn this from the product. It's the most important thing next to the services you provide to your customers, if not MORE important than!

It's your name tied to your product or what you do, what people think of you when they see you or hear your name, and HOW LONG that image or impression sticks throughout your career and your customers' lives. The context of this program (not Sam's words) paints the client or customer as a 'specimen', not so much as an individual who not only has certain business needs and desires, but the hunger, thirst, sensitivity; need to cry & be held, that we all have in common from the day we're born to the end of our lives -- the humanity and integrity of business. I suggest listening to these clips from his webinar, & ask yourself if Sam Ovens lacks this vital component: Sam offering $100 with the refund, a $100 which reviews have yet to report obtaining in their refunds: Sam pressuring the listener to buy at $2,000, based on what he claims is a $4,000-off limited time deal; this program, as far as I know, was NEVER $6,000, nor has it changed from $2,000: "... well, If you want it at this price ($2,000), you really have to make up your mind right now..." "...

In the next hour, this program is gonna be gone, and once these 100 seats sell out, this program is back to $6,000 dollars." My suggestions to improve the course: 1. $2,000 may be a mere number to you, but don't forget where you came from! Think about what this $2,000 means to each and every customer! To some people (myself included), $2,000 is almost all they have, if not everything.

Assume that with every customer, and f**king honor that. 2. The policies regarding the refund -- it is INSANE how unclear it is to people before they buy it. To say it's not up-to-date is a bad excuse.

Fix it, make it more clear; less negative feedback. This course is not for everybody! Be clear on that too! If it was, people wouldn't be requesting refunds...

3. Hire more support engineers. ????

If those improvements aren't made, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you're already making tons of money. I hope this review was of value to both Sam Ovens & associates, as well as potential buyers.

Review about: Sam Ovens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer Service, Not as described; Return, Echange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lies, Lack of customer service, Refund policy, Emotional manipulation.

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