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This issue has now been resolved. The customer is satisfied and everything has been taken care of.

Here's a screenshot of the last message from the customer proving everything is fine:

Can you please support me in this situation, Sam Please fix this, situation. I was very clearly assured in the videos you sent to my email that you have a satisfaction guarantee and a risk free. Also stated that if I did not make the 2k in 6 weeks I would get a refund you even said you can even keep the program I believe in it so much.

You stated and said customer satisfaction is #1 Prioroty and got my confidence, I know you want satisfied customers??? I think the situation is you are just not aware of me your customer and your help desk just also didn't inform you.

I know you do so I just assume you are not aware of the situation and that the assistent is still in the process of contacting you regarding the matter because I know you really care about sharing and adding value to other people's life's you said it's what makes you tick, pleas support me in the refund.

I would really really appreciate this.

I believed I would get the results or you would refund me if I didn't make 2k with in the 6 weeks.

I am so confused form the video that was posted to sign up risk free,

Also Sam you emailed me at least 12 video and written emails saying to go for it and it's risk free even through I was unsure,

You assured me in emails to my personal email account at Gmail with a video saying you know I was still un decided and to take the risk free investment to go for it that there is nothing to lose.

Can you please make a one time consideration to what to me was a very unclear policy in the video,

I still would like to get the results I'm after in a way that will work for me.

I know once you read this it will work out I trust you truly love what you do and believe in your mission and I also do its just not for me at the moment.

I would really appreciate you considering this especially because it's only 3 days past what's been stated as a due date for refund stating 30 days even though in the video you specifically said 6 weeks.

Sam Please help me ....with this one time consideration this was very confusing and very unexpected having the help desk not able to assist me.

Looking forward to your reply

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