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Hi thank you for contacting us. This customer purchased our program and asked for a refund, our support team responded back saying that our program comes with a very clear "action based guarantee" which states that in order to qualify for a refund the customer must at least attempt to do some of the work in the program. The customer refused to do any of the work and swore at our staff countless times. The customer then chose to post about their experience without resolving anything amicably. Our company refunded the customer in full despite the fact they were outside of the refund policy terms. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our company and we are happy to have this matter resolved.
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I signed up to Sam Ovens Consultant Accelerator program via a Webinar that I found through being a part of Tai Lopez's email list. In the webinar, he mentioned the program comes with a 30-day no hassle money back guarantee, AND he would send you $100USD with your return. So you "literally have nothing to lose".

With this return policy as insurance, I signed up for the course and started to work on it. After completing approximately half of the course, I decided that this business model wasn't for me and I would like to return the course. When I tried to do so, Sam Oven's support staff told me that there is an "action based guaratnee" implying that the 7-week course must be completed in full prior within 30-days to qualify for a refund. This was not clearly stated.

As they refused to budge on this, I begrungedly completed the course over the next week and again emailed their support for a refund, within the 30-day window, as I had now met their Terms and Conditions. Now they refuse to respond to my email, leaving me completely in the dark.

If anyone stumbles across Sam Oven's and his Consulting Accelerator program, just know that his return policy is a complete lie so consider that prior to signing up. I have found multiple sources on the internet stating that Sam Oven's does use shady tactics in his business and should be avoided. With most businesses being so customer satisfaction focused these days I did not bother to investigate thoroughly prior to the purchase of this course. I have learnt this lesson the hard way and wanted to share this here to spread the word hoping that this will save someone else from the fate I have succumed.

This reviewer shared experience about "fraudulent return policy" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $2649. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sam Ovens. The most disappointing about sam ovens consulting accelerator program from Sam Ovens was lies, scam and inconsistant Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Redding, Connecticut, United States #1181737

Thank you for your genuine report. I am sorry for your financial and time loss.

However, you sharing your experience with the world, help new me.

Your piece just saved me from joining this scam. I can't thank you enough.

I hope you will succeed in your future endeavors.

Winter Springs, Florida, United States #1180404

Wow! I have the same bad experience with him with the Uplevel Consulting Program, incredible!

I asked him for refund the first month and he convinced me to stay and if not he will return it anyway.

He never did. I wrote my bad experience with him here:

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1176966

I went thru the exact same thing. File a complaint on the Better Business Bureau and then post this link for and the BBB complaint on your FB site and the Sam Oven's Group site.

Customer service will promptly refund your money and kick you out of the Tai Lopez site and the Sam Oven's site. At least you will have your money back. I had 348 reviews of my complaint, people are watching and reading.

Sam Oven's seems to only respond to negative blasting on the internet to get a refund. Good luck!!!!

to sleeperstang65 Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania #1177322

Did the approach work? Did you get the money back? I am in the same situation.

Houston, Texas, United States #1176230

I hear you. Hes trying to get me to sign up for his webinar.

Thank god for your review.


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