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This customer asked for a refund outside of the 30 day refund window which was made clear to them when they joined. The customer asked for a refund outside of the 30 days and we informed them of the terms and conditions. This issue is now resolved.

I joined the course on August 16 2016. Its October 16 and I realize that this program is not working for me. After I did Module 1, I was sick for a few weeks with pneumonia, so I took longer to get ahead in the course. . By the 30 day...even tho I was sick and very weak recovering, I decided to continue.

I did from Module 1 - 3 as stated in your warranty but did not finish within the 30 day period because I was sick with pneumonia. I was very sick and was not able to do ANY work.

When I email support on October 16 about my situation, they said sorry they cannot refund because I was out of the 30 day period.

It was just heartless. How difficult is it for them to understand this? Im literally in tears writing this review. Its really sad how the rich wants to get richer and how much the will squeeze people who are vulnerable. I can't imagine how they sleep at nights. Im out of $1,997, and Sam is laughing all the way to the bank!

In my follow emails to support I asked them "Please tell me what I should have done??? Where did I go wrong?? I pleaded with them to

understand my situation and give me my refund. I want to resolve this amicably but they are just ignoring my emails.

All Im asking for is a refund and I will be happy. Thank you.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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