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Hi thank you for contacting us. We have made contact with this customer via email and phone and made sure that they have been refunded in full as well as receiving a personal apology from our company. I apologize for this experience and it should not have happened, our company aims to resolve all issues within 24hours. The customer is now fully satisfied and on good terms with our company again.
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Sam provides a program as many other digital marketers do. Its basically the same program, how to find clients based on FB ads, video or webinar and then close them by phone.

He has three programs for 2k, 6k and 24k, but I will speak about the one I have been. I bought his 2k program and then the 6k program (with 1k discount if I pay fast). The name is Uplevel Consulting. This program is very close to the Consulting Accelerator for 2k, but Uplevel is supposed to have more support and access to him (which is not true).

When I spoke with him by phone the first time he promised 1-1 calls and responds every 24 hours, but this didn't happen. He never provided 1-1 support calls. Few times he took few days to answer a question and he even recommends in his video training to buy fakes FB likes to lie others and make them think you are famous. He actually said in a video he buys fake FB likes so other people think he has more followers.

Definitely he is not honest. I asked him for refund the same month I bought his course and he didn't refund me. He convinced me to keep trying and if I don't make it he will. After 6 months I tried and spent 2 more thousands, but this didn't work for me, in the niche he advised me to do it.

So basically I lost something like $8,000 and still he never provided the 1-1 support he promised or refund. Now he has a new disclaimer that he doesn't promise anything but I have in my messages evidence he told me I can make EASY $100,000 a year and in 2-3 years $100k a month with him.

I definitely don't recommend to buy his Uplevel Consulting Program based on my own experience. There are many others online that will provide the same program with more ethics and better support.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with fb group for network purpose and stated that there is a room for improvement of lies and no refund. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "bad support, no refund & lack of ethics" of uplevel consulting and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Sam Ovens needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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New York, New York, United States #1182033

So did you every get clients?

to Anonymous #1182052

Never found a client using his strategy. Unfortunately, I lost money.

His worse problem, other than he is not honest, is his support. Forget about the 1-1 calls, he will do it only the first time to take your money, but that's it. Then if you have a question, you have to wait for the recorded group calls. If is an urgency, sorry, is your lost.

If you send a message, he is supposed to reply in 24 hours. Well, good luck. Sometimes he will answer, sometimes he will not. If you are running an ads campaign and you don't know what to do, you write him and he doesn't want to respond, sorry, is your lost again.

So basically you are spending $6,000 for 6 weeks of a video training and his support, but the support will not always be there (and no refund). I write this based on my own experience.

There are many others offering the same program but we real support. Anyway is the same program, play safe and hire a better person, honest, with better support, and with a real refund policy.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1181587

This is terrible to hear! What an unfortunate experience!

If you could share (I'm a copywriter), what niche did you target while in the program?

to Dave #1182068

Sam told me to focus as business coach. I trusted him and did his strategy.

I hired him to be part of my team, as my consultant in digital marketing, joining the Uplevel Consulting Program. Unfortunately he failed me. This is why I don't want you to spent so much money in a roulette. You are not supposed to gamble here.

In business you want the best program with the best support, with the best refund policy. We all know we have to work hard to make things happen, but he is supposed to do his part too, with real support when you need it and not just telling you to buy fakes FB likes. Remember his program is $2,000 to $6,000 dollars. Do not risk your valuable money.

My recommendation is: Don't do business with dishonest people.

Shame on you Sam.

to Dave Orlando, Florida, United States #1182702

Wow I am also a copywriter and was considering several accelerator programs (including Sam's). Thank you magnosec for posting this detailed review and responding to the comments! You just saved me a lot of hassle!

to micromattie Winter Springs, Florida, United States #1182733

I'm glad I help. Check Frank Kern, he is by far better.

At least you did not lose your money, thanks God. I lost thousands doing what he said and still he refused to refund me.

to magnosec Madison, Wisconsin, United States #1186290

Did you buy a program from Frank Kern? If so, how has that worked out for you?

I just finished the Sam Webinar and actually sent him and his help desk rather tersely written emails because of his using the idea of a free business plan to sell an infomercial to buy his course. Plus the slides and everything were supposed to be given free at the end of the webinar and he just left while everyone was asking about them. I did get those slides in my email like 10 minutes later but all I got from Sam himself(Yeah right, auto-bot or secretary) was another pitch to buy something from him.

So disappointed in him and those that endorse him. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.

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